Bonanza – 3.1 Kw Off Grid Hybrid Solar

Client Goal: Self-sufficiency was the primary objective for this clients desire to go solar. This energy system needed to operate as a grid tied system as well as an off grid system if need be. The client wanted the ability to adjust the array seasonally for best performance while keeping the system maintenance to a minimum.

Design Considerations: To give this client the flexibility to operate in grid connected as well as off the grid we selected a Schneider Electric XW inverter and Outback Power AGM battery bank. This system can operate in various modes such as grid tied with battery backup as well as in full off grid mode with grid or generator backup. This extreme flexibility gives our customer the ability to have power when others don’t and sell power back to the grid under normal circumstances. Not to many other solar energy systems can do that.

Final Outcome: This client is thrilled with his energy system purchase. The piece of mind knowing that he can run his home off the batteries was well worth the effort and expense. The ability to operate in grid tied mode will also allow this energy system investment to pay back even faster. Regardless of what happens to the grid, this home will always have the lights on.