Buena Vista – 4.7 Kw Solar Double Pole Mount

Client Goal: Bill was looking for a high performance grid tied with battery backup solar electric system that would sell excess power back to the grid and provide backup power to the home when power outages occurred. The most important critical loads to be backed up were the water pump, kitchen circuit and home office.

Design Considerations: Rocky soil, heavy snow load and high winds were major design challenges.  The array location was almost 250 feet away from the home, requiring extensive trenching and long wire runs. The system design needed to offset a significant portion of the client’s electric bill while providing the necessary emergency power.

Final Outcome: REO designed and installed a 4.7kw double pole mounted solar array connected to a SMA grid tied with battery backup inverter system. A robust pole mount custom made for the site was also chosen to stand up to the wind and allow for seasonal adjustability.  Bill is now confidently creating his own electricity, while providing secure backup power for the home.