Cotopaxi – 1.2 Kw Off Grid Solar Pole Mount

Client Goal: Dell had a unique piece of mountain property. This property was as wild as it gets without driveway access, let alone water or power. He wanted a small off grid system that could provide power to his RV and eventually his home once it was built. Although the electrical requirements were minimal, a quality system needed to be put in place to ensure he had reliable electricity. This wasn’t the type of place you could just swing by for a quick service call so our system needed to be easy for our customer to use and reliable in every way.

Design Considerations: During construction, we hit rocks that wouldn’t budge, so finding a place we could dig deep enough for the mount and trench was a challenge. Our customer made a custom power shed to house the batteries, inverter and other system components.

Final Outcome: Perched on the side of a mountain shines a 1.2KW solar array next to a beautiful custom made shed housing a Magnum Energy 4400 watt inverter and large battery bank. This system has been powering our client’s home for many years now with absolute reliability.