Howard – 5 Kw Solar Roof Mount

Client Goal: Mark was looking to reduce his electric bills with a 5kw solar electric system.  This system would provide enough power to zero out his electric bill and compliment a large solar heating system already connected to the home.

Design Considerations: The location of this solar energy system was on top of a very tall and steep metal roof custom made to take advantage of wintertime solar production while creating a storage area underneath. This installation needed to be designed in a way to hold up to the elements and provide excellent performance during the winter months. We kept the wire runs short and direct to the utility meter to ensure the greatest efficiency and minimal energy loss.

Final Outcome: This project came together nicely despite working in the mud season and on a difficult structure. The solar array looks great and receives no shading. Most importantly Mark is pleased with the quality of the installation and system performance. His solar powered storage structure is creating all the electricity his home requires.