Nathrop – 3 Kw Solar Pole Mount

Client Goal: Joe took great steps to make his home as efficient as possible. These steps included new insulation, solar hot water system, a passive solar sunroom, efficient boiler, propane generator and a grid tied PV system.

Design Considerations: The solar hot water system took up most of the southern roof area so we decided on a pole mounted array. The goal of the system was to offset a large portion of the homes electrical consumption while blending into the treed landscape. This system needed to be integrated into the homes main electrical system carefully while avoiding any interaction with the backup generator.

Final Outcome: We painted the solar array pole green to blend in with the trees. This solar array is the envy of the neighborhood and so is his non-existent electric bill. Joe is proud of his truly energy efficient home with back up power solutions to get through the longest grid outages.