Off Grid is a term used to describe a site where there is no utility power available. Off grid systems use solar, wind or hydro resources to create electricity. This electricity is then stored in a battery bank and supplied to your home through a DC to AC inverter. In many cases it is more affordable to install an off grid power system then to bring in utility power, especially in mountainous and remote areas. Our off grid systems range from small basic systems for RV’s and cabins to larger systems capable of powering any size home or commercial application. Our off grid systems are custom designed for your application ensuring you have the power you need to live as though you were connected to the utility grid.

Many of the off grid systems we design are adaptable and can be utilized in both off the grid and grid connected applications. This is especially useful if your site doesn’t currently have grid power but may in the future.

We have been specializing in off grid and remote power systems since 2008 and only supply the highest quality products designed for the renewable energy industry. We also offer a wide selection of products to compliment your off grid system such as generators, water pumps, DC appliances, batteries and water filtration systems.

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