The most common residential energy systems are ones that interface with the utility grid (grid tied). These systems work by producing clean power from the sun, wind, or water and sending that power to your home first and then to the grid. The goal with a grid tied system is to produce as much electricity as you consume annually. When your system produces more electricity than you use, the power company pays you! Grid connected systems are affordable, quick to install and provide a great return on your investment. Let the utility company work for you with a grid-connected system from Renewable Energy Outfitters.

Add batteries to your grid tied system for protection from power outages. Typically, battery backup systems are designed to provide power to select circuits or critical loads such as computers, refrigerators, well pumps, medical equipment, and security systems. If you have a larger home or need whole house coverage, a fuel generator could be added to the system to supplement the battery bank. A Grid tied with battery back backup system is great way to ensure your most important electrical demands stay on when the power goes off.

Renewable Energy Outfitters can easily equip your home with a grid tied and/or backup energy system.  We take care of all the details including permitting, installation, inspections and connection to your utility grid. With or without batteries your residential energy system buffer you from rising electrical rates and provide your home with clean electricity for many decades to come.

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