Salida – 2.5 Kw Solar Roof Mount

Client Goal: Ed was in the process of transforming his home on the inside and outside. The inside received energy efficient appliances and electric radiant floor while the outside areas focused on garden spaces, food production and the addition of a roof mounted solar PV system.

Design Considerations: This home was quite efficient from the start and with only minimal electrical demands we were able to keep the PV system small. The garage’s southeasterly roof was the perfect orientation and pitch to take advantage of great summer solar exposure.

Final Outcome: The decision was made to use USA and European products with proven track records for performance and efficiency. A 2.5Kw array coupled to a Fronius IG inverter converts the ample sunshine to high quality electricity for the home. Ed’s home really stands out form their neighbors and is a great example of how basic upgrades and going solar can save lots of money in the long run.