Salida – 3.1 Kw Solar Pole Mount

Client Goal: Bill was interested in a grid tied energy system capable of offsetting his home’s electric usage while providing extra power for a future electric car. This system needed to be expandable and feature USA made products when ever possible.

Design Considerations: This site had multiple locations for a solar array and the decision for a pole mount was based on the fact that the customer would receive the highest performance through seasonal adjustability. The array location was chosen based on available solar exposure, aesthetics and its close proximity to a sub panel located in a shop on the property.

Final Outcome: Bill zeroed out his electric bill with a grid tied system featuring Suniva solar modules and the very efficient SMA HFUS inverter. Thanks to his new solar system, a low energy passive solar home and existing solar hot water system he enjoys virtually no utility bills.  After purchasing two electric vehicles he is happily powering both the home and transportation with the sun and saving money through energy efficient efforts.