Salida – 3 Kw Solar Pole Mount

Client Goal: Matt needed a high tech solar system to offset his home’s electrical consumption and provide extra energy to charge up his electric car. The Federal Income Tax Credit of 30% was also a major benefit to making this project a reality.

Design Considerations: No roofs on the property had enough space or were angled correctly to allow for a roof mount. There were also limited connection points for the system to connect to the electric grid.

Final Outcome: A pole mounted Enphase micro inverter system was selected as the optimal configuration for this installation. The micro inverters gave the customer the ability to monitor system performance over the Internet as well as provided extremely efficient power conversion. A pole-mounted array allows our customer to adjust the array seasonally to harness as many kilowatt-hours a year as possible. Overall this 3 KW PV array performs flawlessly and provides ample power for home and vehicle.